Five Free Josh Gad Movie Ideas

It’s your lucky day, bigwig movie executives. I don’t normally give away my ideas, but I’m in the mood to share a few of the gems I’ve got noodling around upstairs. I’m talking about Josh. Gad. Movies. He’s Hollywood’s “it-man” and you just can’t deny the star power he brings to any project with his name in the credits. Any studio exec with these ideas in their print queue and Gad on the payroll will have a surefire hit on their hands. 

Gad Boys

In this loving send-up of the Bad Boys franchise, Josh Gad and his twin brother Dash are two ex-cons with a passion for cashing checks and taking names. To get revenge on their old partner, Josh and Dash quit their jobs as a bank teller and census clerk to finish one last job. But there’s a twist — they’re both cops now. The best part? Dash, played by Gad in disguise, has one little secret: he’s not a cop anymore. It’s a classic game of cat and mouse for this ex-con-turned-cop vs. ex-con-turned-cop-turned-con action thriller.


Who’s Gad?

Undeniably the greatest story never told is that of pop icon Michael Jackson. In this biopic, Josh Gad plays the late pop star in a story that focuses on three specific moments of Michael’s life: the filming of the iconic “Thriller” video, the day he moved into Neverland Ranch, and the third Thursday of April in 1992. Written by Aaron Sorkin, the film takes a riveting behind-the-scenes look at what it was like to be the greatest superstar the world has ever known. Five stars.


The Gad News Bears

Wacky times abound in this wild re-imagination of the Bad News Bears franchise. Everything’s coming up Gad when this family of bears — led by Josh Gad in a CGI bear costume — run into trouble down at the newspaper factory. Turns out, the evil head of publishing has gotten rid of all the good news and will only publish bad news. It’s up to Gad and his team of bears to write good news and send it to print. And guess what makes it even better? This movie stars Elijah Wood.

Gad to the Bone

In this anthropomorphic transformation movie, Gad plays a no-good robber who gets sentenced by a judge to ten years of being a dog. Gad to the Bone follows the antics of Dog-Gad as he barks his way from Manhattan to Midtown and more. Designed by Pixar, the character of Dog-Gad takes on a life of his own for film fans young and old alike. At the end of the story, Dog-Gad reaches the end of his ten-year sentence and must decide whether or not he wants the wizard judge to turn him back into his regular Gad self. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but let’s just say it’s a doggone good time for all. 

Gad Santa

Who’s Gad? Santa’s Gad. At least he is in Gad Santa. Christmas is in trouble when Santa turns out to be one Gad dude. Smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, and flirting with women. It’s up to the children of Planet Earth to stop Gad Santa before he becomes a Gad influence for future generations. Three and a half stars.