11 Free Email Copy Templates

Marketers and email users rejoice! The search for the perfect email template is over. All you need to do is pick one of the copy templates I've provided below, plug it into MailChimp and send it to your email list. Voilá! Return on investment. 

1. Subscription Cancellation Confirmation 

Dear [First Name], 
We're so sorry to see you go! Your subscription cancellation has been received and should be processed within 24 hours. Please accept the attached PDF of an Amazon gift certificate valued at $100 as a token of our appreciation. 
[Company Name]

2. Request for Proposal

Hello [First Name].
My name is Carl and I am a marketing representative for [Company Name]. We have an exciting new product available soon, called "the [Product Name]." It's a ball that you put in your soup and it tells you when your soup is hot enough. We're excited to bring our new product to [target market] and millennials. We are looking for an ad agency to bring us big ideas and bigger results. 
Could you put together a proposal and return it to me within three business days? 
[First Name]

3. Networking Opportunity

My name is [First Name] and I was given your email by [First & Last Name], the marketing coordinator for Pepperidge Farms. [S]he mentioned that you love Milano cookies. I love Milano cookies, too. Let's meet for coffee so I can give you a printed copy of my resume.
Call me,
[First Name] 

4. Dinner Confirmation

Hey Everyone!
Thanks for agreeing to go to dinner with me! See you there!
- Me ;)

5. Breakup Email

I regret to inform you that we can no longer be in a relationship. We are both in the 10th grade and it is forbidden. 
All my love,
[First Name]

6. Book Club Reminder

Hey, Everyone! 
Just a reminder, the book club meeting is tomorrow at [Time] at [Location]. We'll be discussing this week's book, Bible. 
See you there!
[First name]

7. Order Status Inquiry Response

Dear [First Name],
First of all, thank you for your order! We appreciate your business. If it wasn't for customers like you, our humble shop would have closed years ago. Thankfully, we have loyal customers like yourself who help us keep our doors open and our smiles open, too. You can really see the teeth shine through when we think of how lucky we are to have customers like you.
Second of all, we want to let you know about a few updates to our Order Status process. The Order Number you were given when you first made your order is now a new number! This new number has four more digits added to the end of the old number, along with the letter E, N, or W added after the second digit. These numbers and letters help us better identify your order when you make an Order Status Inquiry! In addition to your new Order Number, we have modified all shipping methods to USPS Second Day Air. Your card will be charged the difference in shipping price. This ensures that all of your packages make it there on time, even if "on time" is much earlier than you expected! Lastly, we now include a GPS tracking unit in each package to guarantee the location of your package at all times. Please note that you are responsible for returning the GPS unit. It should be received by us within 24 hours of your package arriving at your doorstep.
With all that said, please click the link below to see your order status!
Click here to see Order Status. 
Let us know if you have any questions! 
- Cheryl and Charles

8. Positive Email

[First Name],
Yes! Yes. 
- Carl

9. Negative Email

Hell no.
- [First Name] 

10. Neutral Email

[First Name],
[Last Name]
- Trish

11. Email Email

[First Name], 
Please be advised, you are currently reading an email. No further action is necessary on your part.
- Management